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File a Concern

For animal concerns, especially related to human or animal safety, receive a more immediate response by calling 636-278-2255.
Animal Control Officers are available 7am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Privacy Note: Information the City receives via email or online forms is considered public records and subject to release upon public information requests per Chapter 610 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, Missouri's Sunshine Law. If you submit a concern or complaint, any information submitted, including names, phone numbers, addresses, etc., may not be protected from disclosure if requested through a Public Information request.

  • The Citizen Action Center (CAC) processes concerns during normal business hours.
  • After you submit your Concern request, the CAC will contact you within one business day.
  • A Concern Number will be provided if the request is a new qualified concern, or the CAC will let you know why a Concern Number was not issued.
  • If a Concern Number is issued, the Concern will then be passed to the City department best able to handle the issue.
  • A Concern is a specific issue that the government of the City of St. Peters has control over and responsibility for. Not every issue will qualify as a formal Concern. For example, an issue with the interstate highway would be the responsibility of the State Department of Transportation.
  • Please use a separate form for each issue. Combining issues on the same form will slow down the response time and may result in issues being missed.
  • Each Concern becomes a public record, including your contact information. Any information you provide might be disclosed to the public.
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Please be as specific as possible as to the location where the issue is happening.  If at all possible, provide a street address.  For a Street Light Out, Pole Number must be given because the electric company requires it.
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